IMG_2112Hey lovelies, tonight I just want to talk to you all a little about my province and why it would be such a great place for you too come visit. Alberta is known for its beautiful land but there is so much more too it then just that. It is a beautiful province full of kind and humble people. My city that I have grown up in is Red Deer and it is such a nice community. Everyone is welcoming and when we have problems we come together as a community to solve the issue. Red Deer was a perfect size town to grow up in. It wasn’t to big and chaotic but it wasn’t too small so I was able too meet new people everyday which I love!!

Places in Alberta that I would recommend people to go visit would be Jasper and Banff. Both absolutely breath taking towns. Banff is great for snowboarding, sight seeing, hiking and it also very commercialized in a very unique way. I spend lots of my time in Banff during the winter months. I love going snowboarding in the magnificent mountains, hiking during summer months or evIMG_2091en making a day trip too walk down the beautiful main strip in Banff.


Me growing up in Jasper with my sister. (I’m in the brown hat)






Now if you are the type of person who prefers no commercial area and just straight up nature that has never had any construction done too it then you need to go to Jasper. Jasper is simply breath taking. There is no other way then  describing it as the most beautiful city in Alberta, perhaps even Canada. My parents used to live in Jasper before I was born, so when they had me and my older siblings we would go camping there lots and go for lots of hikes. I have always loved Jasper and always will. The nature is so pure and you really get too see Gods true creations. The mountains covered in snow white as can be and creeks that are the clearest water you will ever see. It is truly an amazing place and anyone coming to Canada needs too make a visit to Jasper too really see the true beauty of Canada.

I couldn’t be more proud of where I come from and would never of wanted to growIMG_2087w up any place else. Alberta has shaped me to be the person I am today and I am happy with who I am. Once and Albertan always an Albertan. No matter where I e
nd up in life I will always have my true Alberta blood and be happy too say that is where I come from.

Miss Teenage South Central Alberta

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