Hey everyone, as promised in my last blog I am posting some of my tricks and tips tIMG_0797o achieve that perfect photo shoot! Doing photoshoots is something that should be fun and also be an amazing experience. Photography is such an amazing art because there aren’t any restrictions or rules on what you can do with the artist. Your image or idea in your head is able to come to life through the lens of a camera. The photographer has an extremely important job to catch you in the proper lighting, angles, and make you look the best you can in the picture. However the photographer can only do so much, your job as the model is too work that camera and hit all the right angles and poses for that perfect shot. Here are some tips;

  1. Shoot lots of photos- DONT STOP MOVING. Some of the best shots taken are motion/action shots. If you are constantly moving your body will naturally flow into different poses and you will start to feel natural and begin having fun! If something is off the photographer will yell at you too fix it but that doesn’t mean you stop moving and flirting with that camera. Fix what he or she says and continue to keep hitting different poses as they continuously take photos! Be careful you don’t get repetitive with your motion or else moving is pointless and your poses are the same. Don’t use the excuse you don’t know what to do, clear your mind and use your creativity. You will be amazed on the shots they will capture of you.
  2. Posture and angles- this is super important during photos. You would be amazed on the difference that just a slight angle change can make iIMG_0795n a photo. A simple 25 degree angle turn slightly to your corner could make a world of a difference in your figure. Elongate your neck and always keep your chin up. It will add confidence too your look and make your pictures more natural. Shoulders should always be back, it will make you stand taller. Never have legs fully together it will look awkward, make a slight turn and keep all your weight on your back foot. It may not feel comfortable but it will capture great! Trust me!
  3. Facial expression- this is my favourite topic to discuss when it comes to photoshoots. Our jobs as the model is too bring the photographers vision too life. Facial expression is going to be a major factor on if you will make that vision come too life or not. Facial expression varies in a million different styles, and you need to really focus on what the shoot is themed and make sure your expression matches it perfectly. Think simple as dark, bright, sad, happy, depressed, serious, bubbly, intense etc and be sure your face expressions give off the same feeling. When I prepare for certain shoots I will study the theme and try to relate it too something I have experienced in my life. Doing something like this will make your expressions look so real on the camera and capture the photo perfectly. Your not faking an expression if you are reminiscing on something that has happened to you in your past. The expression will naturally come out just as it needs to and you will be picture perfect.
  4. Eyes- as Tyra Banks would say….”SMIZE!” Eyes are such a dominant face feature and they can really tell a story if you use them the right way. Eyes can give off different feelings and you may not even notice. Lots of you may be thiIMG_0796nking to yourself that eyes don’t change and just stay the same but if you go to a mirror right now and cover your mouth and nose with a sheet of paper and change back and fourth between a smile and a frown you will be blown away with the change in your eyes. So in your shoots make sure your thinking of the vibe your eyes are giving off so it is suitable to the shoot
  5. Lighting- lighting in your photoshoot is just as important as your lighting for your selfies ladies… as a model you need to know how to avoid shadows and always make sure that you have the lighting hitting you on the perfect angle to avoid shadows in the pictures. The photographer can’t help you with this bIMG_0800ecause the light stays in the same spot, so angle yourself properly to get that light on your capture spot, not behind you.

Modeling and getting photos taken should be a fun and exciting experience! Seeing your end results and thinking to yourself that its actually you on thaunspecifieSt photo is such an amazing feeling. The sky is the limit to photography and thats why I love to model so much because of the creativity and having no limits! All the photos posted are of me and I have tried to post photos that have a drastic change to my day to day look just too show you what you can be capable of! Hope these tips and tricks helped you all! Talk to you tomorrow. xoxo

Miss Teenage South Central Albert

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