Hey everyone, my name is Megan and I am a public figure from the city of Red Deer and I am representing all of South Central Alberta! I am one of the many delegates in the running with hopes of becoming Miss Teenage Canada 2016. I currently hold the title of Miss unnamedTeenage South Central Alberta and during this time I will be busy attending events and fundraising money for the charity ‘Free the Children.’  Going to Toronto and competing in this pageant is a dream come true and I hope for this life experience to open up many doors for my future. I have always been known for being a dreamer and setting high goals. My goal this year is to promote my platform and take on the title as Miss Teenage Canada so I can represent my country and make them proud. I know this experience is going to lead to a very bright and successful future for me and I cannot wait to see what is all in store for me!

My platform is empowering young minds all around the world through literacy to further educate them, leading to a healthier and more successful future. I personally feel that literacy is something that should be very important to all children in the youngest stages of their lives. Reading books will help them to absorb the knowledge they need to succeed in greater things for their future. mrsdkrebsIt is a topic that is not recognized by as many places as it should and it is time now for all schools to start promoting the topic. My mission is to go to elementary schools and read to the young children and teach them how important it is for them to educate their minds now. I will incorporate fun strategies that will make them more eager to learn through reading and writing. A child’s mind can be compared to a sponge during the youngest stages of their lives. It needs to absorb all the knowledge that it can during this time so the child can have great success in his or her journey throughout life. I plan on starting my mission locally and then expanding to countries that don’t have any education at all. It is hard for some third world countries to provide teachers with the right knowledge to educate these young minds but I personally believe that with the technology available to us we can stop at nothing to make it possible for all children around the world to have empowering, educated minds. Click the following link to watch an extremely powerful video that shows the value and importance of this topic and how we can make a difference.  Empowering Young Minds

Winning Miss Teenage Canada 2016 would be more than just receiving a title to me, it would be the key to opening up many doors which will allow me to help so many others around me. I want to promote my platform to as many people as I possibly can , I want to raise awareness for Free the Children, I want to encourage young girls to be their own kind of beautiful and have confidence, I want to make a difference in this world and I know that with my passion, my drive and knowledge I will be able to do all of this with the title as ‘Miss Teenage Canada 2016.”


Miss Teenage South Central Alberta 2016

Written by: Megan
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Blog Assignment #2

Hello Everyone! Today I will be talking to you all  about my platform! what is a platform you may ask??  Well a  platform is something each delegate is passionate about and want to bring awareness to that subject! Saying that I have chosen mental health and suicide awareness, As my official platform.

When choosing my platform  I wanted to choose something that would not only be extremely beneficial to many young adults in my hometown of  Red deer Alberta,  but also be a realistic goal that I could achieve and have the results shown instantly throughout my community.

WHY I choose it and my mission?

Being diagnosed with both situational depression and anxiety at a young age   after two attempted suicide admits  caused by the effects bullying.  I know what it is like to  personally struggle with these issues and I know many other teens around me can relate as their are so many other complex issues surrounding this subject not just depression and anxiety. Especially in my hometown of red deer as we have the highest rate of teen suicides across Canada do to mental health problems and this number is constantly increasing.  I believe that suicides caused by mental health  problems aren’t something that my community should take lightly, more education on the subject is desperately needed throughout my community. Teens shouldn’t have to fight in silence any longer. Unfortunately because alberta mental health is government run  I cannot do my part in helping  fund raise and promote it, so I  have chosen a local organization, the outreach center focusing on their suicide information and educational services. Working alongside this organization as their 10425508_868054773232928_8215488649338905529_n recently named youth ambassador,  I have made it my goal to “Change the Stigma” surrounding Suicide and Mental Sickness,  that it is  to talk about this subject in public, we shouldn’t consider it a taboo subject,  nobody should never feel alone. We shouldn’t feel ashamed. I hope to promote youth Canada wide to speak out about their mental issues and experiences with suicide. and to encourage those around me  to reach out and receive the professional help when they feel needed without the fear of being judged by their peers.

unnamed (3)

Helping Create A Culture of Active and Healthy living One Handstand at a time!!

Being A Healthy living ambassador as well as the youth ambassador for the central Alberta suicide information and educational services, I feel it is my duty to promote that, having a healthy body can also result in a healthy mind.Exercise increases your body’s production of natural antidepressants. A study at Duke University showed that many people who exercised 30 minutes a day for four months experienced us alleviated depression without the use of medications. Other research has shown that exercise reduces stress, improves mood, boosts self-esteem, and provides restful sleep. I know first   hand the benefits that exercise has on a person battling with mental illness and suicidal thoughts. With Technology surrounding youth today, they don’t understand the importance that healthy living has on their body!! Professional help is the key to cure Mental health illness but individuals need to also take care of themselves! Something as simple as a walk, breathing in the fresh air and the sun beaming down on you, will do wonders to one’s psyche.

If I was chosen as Miss teenage Canada How could I promote it??  If chosen as Miss Teenage Canada, I would like to use my newly crowned Canada wide voice, to in a way be a voice for the voiceless, again changing the sigma surrounding this issue , promoting a healthy lifestyle all why encouraging  others to receive the professional when they feel it is needed without the fear of being judged by their peers.  If I was blessed to become the next Miss Teenage Canada, My main Mission would be to focus on the  suicide information and educational services educational programming for Middle and high schools across Alberta and possibly even across Canada!  Educational Programming about this subject is extremely expensive  but is a necessity I feel is greatly needed, I would love the chance to speak to many of the school boards across Canada, and host many fundraisers just like “rock the change” click here to read all about it!!  http://missteensouthcentralalberta.com/rock-the-change/ to help raise funds for the educational programming.

Get the Facts:

Worldwide, suicide is among the three leading causes of death among people aged 15 to 44.

  • An estimated 2-15 % of persons who have been diagnosed with major depression die by suicide. Suicide risk is highest in depressed individuals who feel hopeless about the future, those who have just been discharged from the hospital, those who have a family history of suicide and those who have made a suicide attempt in the past.
  • An estimated 3-20% of persons who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder die by suicide. Hopelessness, recent hospital discharge, family history, and prior suicide attempts all raise the risk of suicide in these individuals.
  • An estimated 6-15% of persons diagnosed with schizophrenia die by suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of premature death in those diagnosed with schizophrenia. Between 75 and 95% of these individuals are male.
  • Also at high risk are individuals who suffer from depression at the same time as another mental illness. Specifically, the presence of substance abuse, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder put those with depression at greater risk for suicide.
  • People with personality disorders are approximately three times as likely to die by suicide than those without. Between 25 and 50% of these individuals also have a substance abuse disorder or major depressive disorder.
  • In Canada, only 1 out of 5 children who need mental health services receives them.

Announcing the release of “Rock The Change”

I had the opportunity to be one of the leading organizers  and hosts  for my platform fundraiser/ awareness “rock the change” concert for suicide awareness! The event was held on june 7th at bower ponds here in Red Deer. I have been helping plan this fundraiser/ concert  for over 6 months ! All my hard work and dedication payed off and the event was a huge success. ( Learn about the event in more detail on Sundays blog) Please check out my official interview with 24/7 News Red Deer  regarding this event,

Remember you are never alone, Lots of love

-Miss Teenage South Central Alberta

Dedicated to:

Sadie Waslenko

– April 17, 1998 – April 20, 2015

Kale Williams

-July 20th, 1995- February 10th, 2013

Forever in my Hearts, Until we meet again friends!


Written by: Sarah
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In 2 days I  will heading to compete in miss teenage canada!! I would like to thank the many business who sponsored me on my journey to nationals, if it wasn’t for their love and support i would not be where I am today!! No words will never be able to express how grateful I am for each  and every one of you! Thank you for making my dreams come true! I know I will make you all proud.  #albertaforthecrown #sarahwojcikforMTC

Introducing Miss Teenage South Central Albertas Group of Amazing sponsors…

 Studon Electric & controls Inc  – Thank you Don Sutherland CEO and President of Studon Electric for financially supporting me right from the start. Don is a proud member of the Red Deer community, and is a member of several non-profit projects including his role as a fundraiser and donor for the red deer college “building Communities. Though learning programs.

Dons Tire and Auto- Thank you Lee Werner and everyone from the Dons Tire and Auto team for your constant support and financially supporting me to my journey to nationals! Thank you for sponsoring me the amazing location to hold my Free the Children car wash and to all the staff who came out and support the car wash and providing me a camera to document my journey.

Dance Magic Studios– A HUGE thank you goes out to the forever kind and beautiful Miss Christine Slaymaker owner of my former dance Studio, Dance Magic! Thank you for donating a beautiful gift basket to be sold in an silent auction and donating the studio to be used  In my Free The Children Drop in Zumba Class.

Bens Glass and Marble-  Thank You ben, Owner of Bens glass and Marble for financially sponsoring me and donating many items to be sold In my free the children charity garage sale. Ben brings hard work, reliability and dedication into the glass and marble  industry.

Artemis Jewellers-  Thank You Owners Lionel and Arlene Keyowski for financially sponsoring me right from the start. Owners Lionel and Arlene Keyowski have been actively serving central alberta for over 25 years.

Bikram Hot yoga-  Thank you Jenna and Josh Owners of Bikram hot yoga, Central Albertas First Hot yoga studio, for sponsoring me a Free Membership from the time I was crowned to Nationals so I could get in top shape both mentally and physically for the competition.

3 star plumbing and heating Inc- Thank You Andre Guillemaud owner and CEO of 3 star plumbing and heating Inc  all the way from Regina Sk for financially supporting me.

Watts Projects Inc-  Thank You Collin  Watts Owner and CEO for Watts Projects Inc for Financially Sponsoring me right from the start. Collin has been in the oilfield industry for 25+ years. Collin’s career has taken him throughout Western Canada and Russia on various pipeline and facility projects. For the past 15+ years he has been actively operating Watts Projects and growing the business to what it is today.

 Aeropostale Canada– Thank You Aeropostale Canada for Providing me my official wardrobefor nationals week! A special Thank you goes out to Terri Jo Martin Manager of the bower place aeropostale and Paula Fowler  for organizing the sponsorship, Christina Clack ( Assistant Manager )  and Samantha Gardiner ( Sales lead) for helping me pick out some amazing outfits.

Prom Affair-  Thank You Vahida Samji CEO of Prom affair for Sponsoring me my ever so beautiful evening gown, purchasing and ad for the program book and signing me as one of your models for 2016, I am looking forward to working with you.     

Sobeys South-  Thank you to all the managers at sobeys, For sponsoring me all the refreshments to be sold at  all of my Free The children Fundraisers.

Shine 90.5 Fm- Thank you Shine FM for sponsoring me a one of a kind selfie stick to bring to Nationals with me .

David and Audrey Sharpley-   Thank you David and Audrey all the way from Ottawa Ontario, for sponsoring me my flight.

Aprillyn Abraham Photography-  Thank you Aprillyn  For sponsoring me my first ever photoshoot as a title holder.

Liz Bee Photography-  Thank You Elizabeth for letting me be a model for you.  such a wonderful experience and amazing add ons to my growing portfolio.

Monica And Lee Werner-   Thank you Monica and Lee for financially sponsoring me from the start with  everything from shoes, hair extensions and nails and so much more. No words will ever be describe how much they have contributed and how thankful you have been apart of my journey.

Jaime Vandenburg-  Thank You jaime, for being such an amazing help, pageant sister and coach to me. Without all your support, kind words and knowledge, I would be so Lost. I plan on following in your MTC footprints and I know I will make you proud.

Teneal Dutristic- Thank you teneal for giving up an hour of your time to come teach Zumba at my Free The Children Drop In Zumba Class.

Kraze 101.3– Thank You Kraze 101.3 for Advertising my Free The Children Fundraisers.

Red Deer Motors-  Thank you Red Deer motors for sponsoring Miss Teenage Red Deer and I a beautiful 2015 mustang to ride in  and decorate for the parade.

Noy Narong-  Thank you to my beautiful friend Noy for sponsoring me a beautiful cocktail dress to be used at my official Miss Teenage Canada photoshoot.

Your wedding Place-  Thank you to Your Wedding Place for willing to sponsor me a dress to bring to nationals, even though I didn’t use the sponsorship, Thank you again.

Denise Guillemaud- No words and actions will never be able to express my gratitude for everything  you have done for me over the last 8 months. For helping me prepare for both provincials and nationals! From sponsoring me my provincials gown, driving me to meet sponsors and of course given me much needed guidance and advice.   Thank you for attending all of my Free The Children  fundraisers, Providing me with a location and items for my yard sale, helping me organization all my sponsors and  donations . If it wasn’t I truly would not be where I am today!! I love you so much and Thank you for everything you have done!!

Special Thank you goes out to Leo Guillemaud, Allen Wozny, Kendall Mustard, Jade  Grimes, Crystal Day chief, Kathy Pelton, mark Wojcik ,Nita Watts, Megan King, Brandee Levesque, My family at world vision and my Family at word of life church Thank you for all your support and being my #1 fans.
_Sarah w

Written by: Sarah
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On July 18 and 19th I hosted my third and final event fundraiser for free the children, it was a community garage  sale  that was held in the small town of spring brook Alberta. Spring brook is located around  10 minutes outside of my hometown and is home to the growing red deer airport. The garage sale also included a pop and water sale sponsored by sobeys south and a few baked goods for sale. I was very blessed with amazing weather for both days but I became very worried that nobody would attend do to the fact that the fair was on the same day but I was so wrong.  It was slow but steady everyone who came to unnamedcheck out the garage sale bought at least 2o dollars worth of stuff!! How amazing is that?? Since the garage sale was doing great we decided to extend the hours. The Garage included something for everyone from clothes, tools, home furniture, art we really has such a variety.   I am truly blown away by the money we raised, Thank you To all those who came out and supported Free The children and to  Denise, Monica, Ben, Michelle and  Leo who donated items to be sold and Denise for letting us use here Home to host the garage sale.  All items that did not sell we be brought to Cuba and given to families who have nothing.  11754236_828520333936384_7352534477433336437_n

Just a very short and sweet blog for you all 🙂 – Miss Teenage South Central Alberta

Written by: Sarah
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hello, hello, hello!! My calendar has never looked so full!! Today I will be updating you all on what I have been up to the last couple months as your 2015 Miss Teenage South Central Alberta.


The Panel of Judges!

On july 14th, I had the wonderful privilege of being a judge for the Central All Canadian Pageant Finals!! It was so fun being on the other side of it!! I finally understand how hard it must be for a judge to pick winners, each contestant is deserving of a crown in my eyes!! The girls and even boys were so adorable and talented!! They brought so much joy to me and I loved every moment I got to spend watching them model, act and just be silly on stage! The theme for the finals was a jungle, and was held at the red deer lodge! It was a very long day. There were 2 finals held that day, on starting at 9am for the children 0-26 months up to 4 years old and then starting at 1pm  we had the children ages 5 all they way up to adult!!  This is such a fun pageant system, the contests do talent, hat model , commerical, around the world 11232904_823931177703435_937939865552995989_nmodel and much much more! There was so much variety and each contestant had their favorite and you could see there eyes brighten when they got to perform in their favorite.  This variety resulted in almost every contestant walking away with a crown and prize. One of the memories I will cherish for a very long time  was when a little girl came up to me after I crowned her and said “one day I am going to grow up to be just like you”. Her comment truly melted my heart and will be something I  reflect on when I am standing on stage myself. From oreo cookie   commercials to beautiful Traditional  ireland I saw it all, I truly did have such an amazing time! I cannot wait to judge again in march!! Thank you again to Central all Canadian Pageant for inviting me to be a judge!


My faith and my church play a leading role in my life! Being involved in my church has taught me many key values including living in authentic and true relationships with others, 11667271_816498981805186_5026333836618745159_nempowering my own potential and also be driven by compassion. On July 3 starting at 12:00pm I was able to live these key values by volunteering 2 full amazing days with I 11659417_816835915104826_7489557565840529312_nheart Red Deer in there yearly serve 24! serve 24 is exactly as it sounds, We serve for 24 hours straight, from 12pm till 12pm the next day!! from homeless shelters to The central alberta women’s emergency center, to picking up garbage and painting playgrounds we did it all! My main role was managing the volunteer table, I checked in the volunteers as they came in, sold merchandise, gave energy drinks, snacks and water out  and much more! Even though I was very very tired, it was so worth it, no words and minutes will be able to ever explain the stories and the many peoples life who I influenced!

Rain clouds didn’t stop Miss Teenage Red Deer And I on july 15, We were so excited to be apart of the 2015  westerner days parade, in our hometown of red deer.  Thank You Red Deer Motors for sponsoring us a beautiful new 2015 mustang to decorate and let us ride in 11751459_823120434476374_6603553076319290486_nduring the parade. We had such a blast decorating it together!! flowers and butterflies how much more girly can it get!! we traded in our high heels for the day for some cowboy 11705339_823120414476376_8528018515600021665_nboots!!( hey we are from centralalberta). I have been in a parade many times before with dance but this was such a different and amazing experience. The streets were just packed with people. From babies, to seniors to even a pot belly pig! every age of every walk of life was there! It was amazing we could gather together as a community without no judgement or anger but rather full of joy and acceptance! My favorite float( besides my own)  was the philippine float, They were all dressed in traditional outfits and doing traditional dance! It was so beautiful to watch.  Make sure you check out the parade on Channel 6 news https://youtu.be/u8s-RRbC7Sw and watch for Miss Teenage Red Deer and I!! Such a fun filled day!!11755742_919829884722083_2895874203012465440_n

On july 12 I made an appearance at my local malls Free Pancake Breakfast!! It was a very early morning but the sun was shining and it was a every  beautiful morning!  Even though the event was free, they had donation stands set  where  people could donate to one of my favorite charities the central alberta women’s emergency center.

My platform is something I have worked very hard on developing and having a voice in my community! I was very honored to have received a call from toastmasters canada asking if i would speak at their meeting about my platform! for course I jumped at the opportunity.  The Meeting was held at ABC country restaurant in their conference room, I  felt very very nervous and even more so when I found out members of Red Deer city council were attending!  As I started my speech I felt my voice start to shake but found my strength and pulled my speech off with flying colors and even made some members start to cry! To my great surprise at the end of the night I was presented with the award for most 1513693_827834707338280_698079800534530248_ninspirational youth award!!  I am so honored! I know I am going to make my City very proud!!


Nationals is only 1 week away!! Lets make alberta bring home this years crown!!

Feeling determined – Miss Teenage South Central Alberta

Written by: Sarah
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Hey everyone, as many of you know if you follow my Facebook page last week I was contacted by Edmonton International raceway TSN, Canadian tire and NASCAR  they had asked me if I  would like me to attend the Alberta has Energy 300 to be their trophy girl and conduct brief interviews with the racers.  The event lasted 2 days and each day was a completely different amazing experience! I am so Blessed to have been given this experience and cant wait it share it with you all!! 

Day 1 – July 11 

Today was a normal day of NASCAR  anybody who is familiar or a fan of NASCAR knows that their are different levels and categories of it just like many other sports! Today was the NASCAR Whelen All American Series, that  includes some of the most outstanding, unique  and fast cars such as double stalker cars and thunder cars. I have been a NASCAR girl since I was born as some of you know my step father holds the championship in this class, so almost ever weekend in the summer I had down to the track, watch the action and sometimes get my hands dirty as well  , so I had a general idea of unnamedwhat to expect,  well so I thought. The day started as usual when we are head to the track, waking up early , packing the car etc. The track is located around 45 minutes away from my hometown and around  30 minutes away from Alberta’s capital in a small town called Wetaskiwin. When we got to the Track this day, I was completely blown away!! There were TSN cameras everywhere, big NASCAR trucks  and signs hung up all over. All getting ready for the following day. I could feel the energy in the air. I felt so nervous so I couldn’t even  image how the drivers felt. For the heat races and practices I got to watch in the pits. It was awesome watching the cars race at such a close range. When the final races hit, I was rushed up to the stands and was placed in the VIP seating. When the race finished I was escorted down onto the track with the MC, where my job was to simply give out the trophy, take a picture with the winners and then ask them each a couple of questions  such as “how was it out there “, “who would  you like to thank” etc. Something I was not expecting was to be unnamed (1) given the mic and told to speak a bit about myself, my platform and a bit about MTC. I have been blessed with the talent of public speaking so it came naturally to me , even  it was something I wasn’t prepared for I loved every second of it. The night ended on a every high note with the fans coming into the pits to meet the drivers. To my great surprise so many people were coming up to me to get a picture with me, get my autograph and wish me luck at MTC. It was such an amazing way to end the day.

Day 2-July 12

The day started out pretty much the same as the day before!! The only difference was only a select few  the NASCAR Whelen All American Series got to race cause mainly the day was unnamed (3)just focused on the actual NASCAR. I thought just seeing the TSN cameras  getting set up the day before was  exciting but seeing them in full action was just over the moon. I cant even put into words how the energy was and what I felt being in the pits surrounding by world famous drivers with TSN cameras running around trying to check every  slightest  bit of action they can. I felt like I was in a movie.  You will never know the feeling until you unnamed (2)are there. We  were  pretty tight for time since it was all filmed so instead of  giving the trophy’s out on stage I was still able to give them out but behind the scenes and also got the do a victory lap with the winner.  The NASCAR race, was 300 long laps around an oval track. Like the previous night after the race finished I was  able go down with the MC and did what i did the nigh before but to a less extent since this night was all about the racers. with 30 plus degree weather both days, At the end I was feeling very tired and couldn’t wait to head to bed!

Thank  you again Edmonton International raceway TSN, Canadian tire and NASCAR, a job so small might so much to me and I will treasure it forever!! The Alberta has energy 300 aired July 19th on TSN click her to watch the recap of events http://www.tsn.ca/video/nascar-canadian-tire-series-recap-alberta-has-energy-300~659226 pictures from the event are slowly being uploaded so click the link http://www.edmontonraceway.com/ to check if they are up!!

Written by: Sarah
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Blog assignment #1

 “Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them.” 

From the Luscious green grass, raging rivers,  calm gentle breezes ,  to the sparkling oceans and mighty  mountains,  Canada is more then a  just country it is a truly beautiful place to call  home. To me Canada is just not  just my home, but also an open door for anybody who needs a place to call their  home. It is a place where freedom, Friendship and culture are not one sided but rather for everyone to thrive and enjoy in their own unique traditions and celebrations. Its a place that lets you be free, Free to be yourself, try new things and the freedom of endless opportunity. A Canadian  citizen should not  and will never be defined by only one language, culture or religion. Instead of throwing our new Canadian citizens into a melting pot of assimilation like so many other countries do  around the world , we accept them kindly as a Canadian, simply by them just living  in  this gracious country.  As a Country encourage all to be themselves and share and educate us all on what makes them diverse.  Coming from a Family where both grandparents have immigrated from Holland  to Canada, the fact that they were   accepted into this country without  hassle, judgement or given a list  describing the  “Canadian way to live” is  truly in powering and life changing. Because of these I was able to be raised in Dutch traditions and cultures,  We were never forced to hid or abandon are culture but rather told to share and help educated others on it!  This amazing diversity of cultures is what and  will always define Canada, not violence or disease.

Justine and Her Family

Justine, Yui and I learning about the heart in our medical studies class!! Yui was an exchange student from japan!! how cool

Canadians outstanding diversity has resulted in me gaining many life lasting friendships with those  from another culture, that if I lived in another country I would other wise would not be able to have! Racism and the stereotypical falsehoods that surround many cultures from around the world  is still a very pressing issue in today’s society,  Canada is one  of the very few countries that constantly redefine and change the sigma surrounding this issue.  Born Originally in the Philippines my beautiful friend Justine Rasissa Renyo Says that being a Canadian showed her family “that  everyone is entitled to rights and freedoms, they learned  how to stand up for themselves and and not let anybody treat them small”. For years prior her family had been separated, her mom came to Canada in  2003 to start working as a caregiver and plant roots in  Canada so one day her family could have a bright future well the rest of her family stayed behind for many years. Justine eventually came to Canada in 2009! over the last few years I am very blessed to have been her friend!   Canada has made possible for her to teach me so much about the Filipino culture and her classic traditions without the fear of her being labeled and judged as different. Friendships will never be limited because of are skin color, religion or culture. Canada Thrives on multiculturalism and acceptance, that is why we are admired around the world.

To me being a Canadian means simply everyone is freely  able to be themselves. Doesn’t matter where you come from, Canada will be your home no matter what your background and story is. We as a country are not forced into a sea of nationalism and patriotism, we have the freedom to each as individuals make or own nationalism and decide how to live our lives.  A country formed on the idea of being “Strong and Free, Canada makes it clear to all that freedom is something that we are ALL entitled to. Canada will always and will forever be an open door for those who are searching for freedom, safety, success and underlying a place to call home.

What does being Canadian mean to you?? leave a comment below!!

God Bless- Miss Teenage South Central Alberta



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Good Morning Friends,  This past week (July 5th and 6th) , I had the wonderful honor and privilege to host my back to back kick off fundraisers  for the wonderful charity  called “Free The Children”. Threw a zumba class and car wash I was happily able to raise almost half of my goal amount!! 2 fundraisers done 1 to go!! whoo hoo!!

What is Free the Children??  

Free the children is an international charity and educational partner. Free The Children’s mission is to create a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change. The organization was founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995 when he gathered 11 school friends to begin fighting child labour. He was 12. Now, more than 1.7 million youth are involved in their innovative education and development programs in 45 countries. Their 3 main goals are to free the children from poverty, exploitation, and the notion that they are powerless to effect positive change in the world. Their model works by Free_The_Children_Logofirst starting at home by creating awareness and funds for issues facing children in developing countries around the world. Then it moves overseas where the funds that are raised support Free The Children’s Adopt a Village model. Lastly, it results in tangible change by improving lives of children and families in need, while empowering young people to realize they can change the world. Adopt a  village model is designed to meet the basic needs of developing communities and eliminate the obstacles preventing children from accessing education. This takes place in Haiti, Kenya, rural China, Ecuador, India, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nicaragua. The four pillars are:

  1. Education: they have built over 650 schools and provided over 55,000 children with education everyday
  2. Alternative Income: teaching how to save, invest, and grow their income. 30,000 people have gained self sufficiency, to date, through weday1alternative income programs
  3. Health Care: building clinics, and $16 million in medical supplies have been donated, to date, to developing countries
  4. Clean water and sanitation: building new wells, and providing hand washing stations. 1 million to date provided with improved access to clean water, health care and sanitation. 


JULY 5th- Free The Children Charity Car Wash 


Thank You Subway for your surprise Sponsorship

After weeks of planning, recruiting volunteers, making posters and much more, I was able to host a VERY successful car wash equipped with an appearance from a NASCAR Track Championship racer, ice cold pop and water for sale( sponsored by sobeys south) and of 11221658_817827661672318_4355488726356012407_ncourse the best music in all of Alberta provided by Kraze 101.3 who Promoted the event live on air  while the event  was taking place and the weeks approaching the 11539608_817827431672341_2915134296621441857_nfundraiser.  The weather that day was every strange, not to cold but not to hot, Cloudy, Windy, I was so surprised we didn’t get rained on!  The car wash started at 12pm and was held in the  Dons Tire and Auto parking lot, In my hometown of Red Deer Alberta. Dons Tire and Auto is a company my step father has worked for most of his life and now holds a high rank in the company, I am so Thankful that they graciously gave me the space to use to hold my fundraiser! The Car wash lasted a long 4 hours, With dozens of cars rolling in each hour.  Around 3pm my group of volunteers and I received a surprise visit from Subway South, they had heard about my car wash on the radio and drove over to donate to  all my hardworking volunteers Free Subs!!  Such a random act of kindness that I will need to pay forward!! By the end  we were all covered in soap, water, mud and even Bugs( Yuck), but totally worth it as the event was extremely successful! Thank You all who came out and supported this amazing cause. It truly means the world to me! I would like to  give a special Thank You to  Dons tire and Auto for sponsoring me with a location and supplies,  Sobeys South for sponsoring me pop, water  and ice to be sold during the event, Kraze 101.3 for promoting me event, Subway South for your random act of Kindness of  donating  Subs, Lee Werner- NASCAR Track Championship Racer for 11009092_817828771672207_4218804503321609212_n10383970_812337278888023_9197264472803100283_npromoting the event and bringing his race car down to the event, and of course my amazing group of volunteers. Without your love and support this event would have not been possible and reached the success it did!

JULY 6th- Free The Children drop in Zumba class!


Thanks you For Coming and supporting Free The Children

I was  able to “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” with this event! on one hand I was able to fund-raise money for the amazing charity Free The Children and on the other was able to tie 11695386_818361188285632_6310720353232957744_naspects of my platform  into it has well! Zumba is one of my favorite ways to work out and I am so happy I was able to share something I love with others!  The zumba class was 1   hour , we sure did get amazing work out complete with a bit of yoga and a 4 minute ab workout.  We were able to come unnamed (6)together as a community, sweat, take care of are bodies and  on top of it all do it all for an amazing charity. The class was held at my former dance studio, dance magic studios, and was taught by Teneal Dutrisac who totally rocked it!! Thank you to every one who came out, it was such a fun night! I would like to Thank Christine Slaymaker owner of Dance magic studios for sponsoring me the location and space for this event to be held as well as promoting the event all over their social media sites, Teneal Dutrisac for making an awesome workout, sobeys south for sponsoring ice cold   water for the guests!! 11667350_818442488277502_6136975747726990649_n


Thank you again everyone who came out to my events, if you didnt make these ones make sure you come check out my Free The children community yard sale!  I am selling a couple gift baskets as well and collecting donations as well. More information is on my Facebook page!!

-Sarah Wojcik


Written by: Sarah
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Fitness Series- How I overcame my Mental illness by being Active- 5 ways to love yourself  Mind body and soul  


Today marks my last blog in my fitness series! I am so glad you have all enjoyed it. Today I will be giving you all 5 easy ways to love yourself: Mind, body and soul. I think a lot of us women today  just tend to focus on the physical appearance that fitness leads to ( we can thank the media for that). I really want to encourage you all that fitness and tumblr_lzcmrvCBTl1qkpxx7health  is not limited to our appearance, we are not defined by what we look like and shouldn’t feel like we are forced to live a healthy lifestyle because of the falsehoods  the media portrays being healthy as.  I want to show you all, that they are so many other ways to take care of yourself, not just by eating healthy and working but actually caring for yourself and caring for who you are.

#1. Treat yourself to a delicious but healthy snack

Here is my  recipe to a super easy, delicious and healthy mug cake. Its good for your soul but wont make your body react. 


  • 2 Tbsp. coconut flour
  • 2 Tbsp. quick oats
  • ¼ tsp. baking powder
  • 2 tsp. coconut palm sugar*
  • ¼ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk**
  • 1 large egg white                          tumblr_n4ceujryTM1tr3c46o1_500
  • 1 Tbsp. chocolate chips or raisins


  1. Add coconut flour, oats, and baking powder to a microwave-safe mug or bowl. Mix until well combined.
  2. Add sugar and milk, stirring until no clumps remain before adding in your egg white. Use a fork or whisk to beat the egg white into the batter, making sure that it is fully incorporated. Fold in a chocolate chips quest bar,  reserving  pieces a few to sprinkle on the top. ( make sure you  tear the Quest bar into tiny pieces)
  3. Microwave on high for 2½ to 3 minutes, depending on microwave strength and thickness of mug.
  4. Remove from microwave, grab a spoon, and enjoy!

My Favorite is to add fresh strawberries and maple syrup on top soo yummy!!  This snack is full of fiber and proteins and even low on sugar.

#2.) Reading Faith Focused Books

tumblr_mps889M4jA1r363b3o1_500One of my favorite ways to take care of my mind  and inspire and care for who I am is by reading faith focused books. If you don’t read faith focused books, I strongly recommend it, faith books have truly changed my life and helped shape me into the person I am today. Reading not only develops your thoughts and feelings but it also gets you away from your phone for a bit. Faith books can help your relationship with the Lord grow  stronger and truly motivate you to want to follow in his footsteps. Listed below I have a few of my 81yOM6ratGL._SL1500_favorites

  1. The mingling of souls- Matt Chandler
  2. The Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren
  3. To live is Christ, to Die is Gain-  Matt Chandler
  4. Jesus the King- Timothy Keller

#3.) Take Alone Time

One of the ways I like to get alone time is to take a walk, There is something honestly so beautiful to your body about getting outside, doing something and just simply moving and thriving in God’s creation. Talking a walk is not strenuous on your body at all, In today’s society a lot of us think that only super intense workouts are the way to be healthy when  really the simplest things work as well.  The fact the going for a walk  lets you have some alone time, to be with your thoughts is  honestly so restoring to your mind body and soul.   Walking is a great way to regulate your body, such as your mood, weight.

#4.) Clean up your space 

This next tip so actually so fun, easy and works wonders and that is to clean up the space around you. Your room, your car etc whatever it is, clean it up.  Cleaning up your space is a great way to feel good, lively and accomplished. Buying yourself flowers is another way to help create that light and clean space.  There’s just something so magical about flowers, they just straight up make you happy.

#5.) Talking  with Friends


My Best Friend Jade And I. Every brunette needs a blonde bestfriend and I am so Happy she is mine

One of the most soul enriching things you can do is meet up with a great friend over coffee of course ( coffee is good for the soul) and have a really good chat, talk about things, talk about your life, laugh, cry but make sure you dont bring in gossip to the conversation cause that can quickly make the conversation go from a soul enriching thing to a very negative soul draining thing. So keep the conversation between you and the person you are meeting up with. There is nothing more better then a good chat with a great friend. Remember we are not made to be alone, to always deal with problems alone, we are made tumblr_m4pk8rsIho1r5lp18o1_1280to have fellowship and community with people. So be willing to be vulnerable and open  and enjoy and take care of yourself.


Always remember that you are BEAUTIFUL. not just because I said that, but because you were created that way. you were designed uniquely and wonderfully. you are fully loved. forgive yourself, take care of yourself, and never speak negatively about yourself. I LOVE you always!! xxox Sarah  🙂


Written by: Sarah
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