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 “Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them.” 

From the Luscious green grass, raging rivers,  calm gentle breezes ,  to the sparkling oceans and mighty  mountains,  Canada is more then a  just country it is a truly beautiful place to call  home. To me Canada is just not  just my home, but also an open door for anybody who needs a place to call their  home. It is a place where freedom, Friendship and culture are not one sided but rather for everyone to thrive and enjoy in their own unique traditions and celebrations. Its a place that lets you be free, Free to be yourself, try new things and the freedom of endless opportunity. A Canadian  citizen should not  and will never be defined by only one language, culture or religion. Instead of throwing our new Canadian citizens into a melting pot of assimilation like so many other countries do  around the world , we accept them kindly as a Canadian, simply by them just living  in  this gracious country.  As a Country encourage all to be themselves and share and educate us all on what makes them diverse.  Coming from a Family where both grandparents have immigrated from Holland  to Canada, the fact that they were   accepted into this country without  hassle, judgement or given a list  describing the  “Canadian way to live” is  truly in powering and life changing. Because of these I was able to be raised in Dutch traditions and cultures,  We were never forced to hid or abandon are culture but rather told to share and help educated others on it!  This amazing diversity of cultures is what and  will always define Canada, not violence or disease.

Justine and Her Family

Justine, Yui and I learning about the heart in our medical studies class!! Yui was an exchange student from japan!! how cool

Canadians outstanding diversity has resulted in me gaining many life lasting friendships with those  from another culture, that if I lived in another country I would other wise would not be able to have! Racism and the stereotypical falsehoods that surround many cultures from around the world  is still a very pressing issue in today’s society,  Canada is one  of the very few countries that constantly redefine and change the sigma surrounding this issue.  Born Originally in the Philippines my beautiful friend Justine Rasissa Renyo Says that being a Canadian showed her family “that  everyone is entitled to rights and freedoms, they learned  how to stand up for themselves and and not let anybody treat them small”. For years prior her family had been separated, her mom came to Canada in  2003 to start working as a caregiver and plant roots in  Canada so one day her family could have a bright future well the rest of her family stayed behind for many years. Justine eventually came to Canada in 2009! over the last few years I am very blessed to have been her friend!   Canada has made possible for her to teach me so much about the Filipino culture and her classic traditions without the fear of her being labeled and judged as different. Friendships will never be limited because of are skin color, religion or culture. Canada Thrives on multiculturalism and acceptance, that is why we are admired around the world.

To me being a Canadian means simply everyone is freely  able to be themselves. Doesn’t matter where you come from, Canada will be your home no matter what your background and story is. We as a country are not forced into a sea of nationalism and patriotism, we have the freedom to each as individuals make or own nationalism and decide how to live our lives.  A country formed on the idea of being “Strong and Free, Canada makes it clear to all that freedom is something that we are ALL entitled to. Canada will always and will forever be an open door for those who are searching for freedom, safety, success and underlying a place to call home.

What does being Canadian mean to you?? leave a comment below!!

God Bless- Miss Teenage South Central Alberta



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