Hey everyone, my name is Megan and I am a public figure from the city of Red Deer and I am representing all of South Central Alberta! I am one of the many delegates in the running with hopes of becoming Miss Teenage Canada 2016. I currently hold the title of Miss unnamedTeenage South Central Alberta and during this time I will be busy attending events and fundraising money for the charity ‘Free the Children.’  Going to Toronto and competing in this pageant is a dream come true and I hope for this life experience to open up many doors for my future. I have always been known for being a dreamer and setting high goals. My goal this year is to promote my platform and take on the title as Miss Teenage Canada so I can represent my country and make them proud. I know this experience is going to lead to a very bright and successful future for me and I cannot wait to see what is all in store for me!

My platform is empowering young minds all around the world through literacy to further educate them, leading to a healthier and more successful future. I personally feel that literacy is something that should be very important to all children in the youngest stages of their lives. Reading books will help them to absorb the knowledge they need to succeed in greater things for their future. mrsdkrebsIt is a topic that is not recognized by as many places as it should and it is time now for all schools to start promoting the topic. My mission is to go to elementary schools and read to the young children and teach them how important it is for them to educate their minds now. I will incorporate fun strategies that will make them more eager to learn through reading and writing. A child’s mind can be compared to a sponge during the youngest stages of their lives. It needs to absorb all the knowledge that it can during this time so the child can have great success in his or her journey throughout life. I plan on starting my mission locally and then expanding to countries that don’t have any education at all. It is hard for some third world countries to provide teachers with the right knowledge to educate these young minds but I personally believe that with the technology available to us we can stop at nothing to make it possible for all children around the world to have empowering, educated minds. Click the following link to watch an extremely powerful video that shows the value and importance of this topic and how we can make a difference.  Empowering Young Minds

Winning Miss Teenage Canada 2016 would be more than just receiving a title to me, it would be the key to opening up many doors which will allow me to help so many others around me. I want to promote my platform to as many people as I possibly can , I want to raise awareness for Free the Children, I want to encourage young girls to be their own kind of beautiful and have confidence, I want to make a difference in this world and I know that with my passion, my drive and knowledge I will be able to do all of this with the title as ‘Miss Teenage Canada 2016.”


Miss Teenage South Central Alberta 2016

Written by: Megan

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