On July 18 and 19th I hosted my third and final event fundraiser for free the children, it was a community garage  sale  that was held in the small town of spring brook Alberta. Spring brook is located around  10 minutes outside of my hometown and is home to the growing red deer airport. The garage sale also included a pop and water sale sponsored by sobeys south and a few baked goods for sale. I was very blessed with amazing weather for both days but I became very worried that nobody would attend do to the fact that the fair was on the same day but I was so wrong.  It was slow but steady everyone who came to unnamedcheck out the garage sale bought at least 2o dollars worth of stuff!! How amazing is that?? Since the garage sale was doing great we decided to extend the hours. The Garage included something for everyone from clothes, tools, home furniture, art we really has such a variety.   I am truly blown away by the money we raised, Thank you To all those who came out and supported Free The children and to  Denise, Monica, Ben, Michelle and  Leo who donated items to be sold and Denise for letting us use here Home to host the garage sale.  All items that did not sell we be brought to Cuba and given to families who have nothing.  11754236_828520333936384_7352534477433336437_n

Just a very short and sweet blog for you all 🙂 – Miss Teenage South Central Alberta

Written by: Sarah

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