What an amazing day it has been! I have been looking forward too this day for the longest time! The day that wIMG_1245e get to go out and see the city of Toronto. I am a huge fan of the big city life, always have been and always will be. I have fallen in love with Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver but I have never been to Toronto and just like I knew I would…I fell in love. The building and skylines were all spectacular. The architecture of the buildings were so unique and creative! No building looked similar to the oIMG_1246ne beside it at all!! This is a city that I can really see myself being in forthe long run.

The day started off with a nice little breakfast at the EGGilicious Cafe downtown Toronto. The staff treated us very well and the food tasted great! If you are ever in Toronto and need a quick breakfast with good food and good prices be sure too check out the EGGilicious Cafe!!

After breakfast we were on our way too the fun events! We pulled up the official Nuvango clothing factory and when I walked into that building I was in absolute awe. The design and decor in that building felt like I was in my own dream building. Art pieces covered the plain wallIMG_1248s and just brought life to the rooms. Glass walls added class and a trendy look to the building. If I ever open up a business of my own or have an apartment in the city I know exactly the look I am going for after seeing the interior design in their building. We were able to meet all the staff and IMG_1249hear all of their amazing success stories which led them to where they are today.  Next we were onto the tour, first stop was the roof patio. We walked out the window and got to hangout on the awesome patio on the roof of their building that has the perfect view of the Toronto skyline. Then we were able to go down to the floor where they do all of their maIMG_1250nufacturing and making of the designer clothes. It was crazy too see the process from beginning to end. How they
could turn an art piece into a stylish clothing style. They also make phone cases from art pieces and super cool laptop skins that youIMG_1244 can go to https://www.nuvango.com and order them from. Next was my favourite moment of the day. We went into their photo studio and were able to try on items from their brand new clothIMG_1258ing line and model them in a photoshoot. It was crazy how beautiful and vibrant these colours showed up on the camera. The photoshoot was so much fun and the photos turned out amazing! Can’t wait to see the final edits from Nuvango! Huge thanIMG_1259k you to Nuvango for such an amazing opportunity and teaching us all about their amazing company. I can’t wait to promote your business to my family, friends and community.

After our awesome adventure at Nuvangos it was time to do something I’ve never done before. We went too a shoe museum, the Beta Shoe Museum too be specific. The architecture of this building was beautiful and the architect actually designed it too look like a shoe box so when you enter inIMG_1253side you get too see all the shoes in the “shoe box!” Even inside the interior design was incredibly unique and suited too the theme with leather arrows pointing you to

o certain exhibits or rooms that has swayed material for walls! The museum had such a unique and cool feeling too it which made the experience that much better! We were able to have a hands on presentation where we were able to learn about all sorts of different shoes from pointe shoes, women’s heels from the Renaissance time era, Japanese wood shoes and I even goIMG_1254t to hold Shaquille O’Neal’ timberland shoe that was size 23 and double wide!!! Who knew it was even possible too make a shoe that size!! So much was learnt at this amazing museum and I got to expand my knowledge on the history of the Beta family and also the history of shoes!!

Too complete the awesome day we were headed to a beautiful Indian resteraunt called Nirvanas! Staff was super friendly and on top of everything. They served us nice drinks and were supIMG_1255er kind too each and everyone of us . While we waited for the food to be prepared we got to learn dance moved of the Indian culture and dance to the Indian music as well. I love culture and learning about it. It’s one of those things I find fascinating and can never learn enough about!! Bon Appetit, food is ready and was it ever deliIMG_1256cious. Every bie was full of so much flavour and cooked to perfection! Such a great rester-aunt for a nice Indian culture experience. I learned lots, got too taste new delicious foods and even learn some new dancemoves!! Highly recommend this rester-aunt too anyone hungry for some delicious food in a friendly environment !

Once again… it was an incredible day. Lots of memories were made and friendships grew even bigger. This journey just keeps on getting better as the week goes on and the days are flying by. I don’t ever want too stop living this life style!!! Hopefully I don’t have too! Remember too vote for your favourite finalist on the official MTC website. Love you all! Xoxo

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