What an amazing first full day it has been!! The competition has obviously now officially begun! The morning started off with getting hair and makeup done. Hair and especially make up both have been something I’ve been total girl crazy about. They are fun to experiment with and you can make your self look absolutely stunning in different ways. I had an amazing make up artist and she just happened to be using all my favourite make up products!! I highly recommend the products “too faced” and “make up forevIMG_0776er professionals.” Those were the products used on me in the following pictures and believe me they show up great on camera! Next I was onto hair, for me pageant hair is all about big curls and lots of volume and did my hair stylist ever do that for me! My hair was big and bouncy just as I wanted it too. Thank you too both of my amazing stylists for making me look so wonderful for todays shoots. xoxoIMG_0777

Next we were on to the real exciting stuff…photoshoots and video interview shoots! I am a huge fan of photoshoots and all of the lead up too them. Photoshoots are great becIMG_0775ause they make every single person feel beautiful and good about themselves! The key to success in photoshoots is too relax and be your natural self. The camera lens will catch how you portray yourself so if your tense or nervous, your pictures will look like that however if you just have fun with the photographer and be your natural self that is how your photos will look and you will love them! I am going to be posting another blog tonight with more tips and tricks on how to have a successful photoshoot so stay tuned for more tips and trick to make thoIMG_0772se photos look better then you could ever imagine.

Next part of the day was our video interview. When it comes to videos, commercials and interviews, just like in photoshoots the key is to keep it simple! Stay relaxed, stay calm and simply be your self. Don’t over think your answers or questions. When you over script and over think you put stress on yourself and that is going to make you panic or mess up your lines. Take a big deep breath “3, 2, 1..” let it out and speak from your heart. If you are passionate enough about your answers you should have absolutely no issues.

Finally, the favourite part of my day…REHEARSAL TIME! I know this is many girls least favourite part of the day but I absolutely love it!! Practicing my bubbly bikini walk to rehearsing my graceful, elegant evening walk. I love every single second of it. I love the feeling of improvement and knowing that I am getting better at the task I am trying to perfect. As I said in my interview today, I am extremely ambitious and always wanting to strive for bigger success. Thats a feeling I can get in rehearsals and that is definitely the biggest factor on why I enjoy them so much!

Well thats a wrap for today! Stay tuned for all the fun and exciting things that are going to be happening through out the remainder of the week. I can promise you it is only going to get bigger and better from this moment on. Remember to also check out the unspecifitips and tricks I have too offer you for professional photoshoots coming at you tonight! xoxo

Miss Teenage South Central Alberta

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