As many of you already know  this is my first pageant I have ever been in but I can already say it has been and will be one of the most amazing experiences in my whole life. I have met girls that I knew right from the first introduction we would be life long friends. The pageant world is different then any other atmosphere I have ever experienced. Everywhere you look they’re pretty faces, beautiful crowns, sashes, media, and every single lady you meet is hard working and striving to get that title as “Miss Teenage CaIMG_0658nada 2016.” Everyone wants it as much as the girl beside them and they will stop at nothing to get it! It’s always a posative and energetic environment; makeup stations, hair stations, cameras flashing and big smiles everywhere because you never know when you will be caught on camera. Provincials taught me so much and even though the National pageant in Toronto has just begun I have learned so many things already. While I was reflecting back on the things I have learned so far I was shocked with how relatable every single one is and thought I would share it with you!

  1. Grace- During the pageant week you are always classy, portraying glam, and look stunning every minute of everyday. With this look comes grace which is a wonderful vibe to give off to people. Showing how classy and graceful youIMG_0659 can be shows people that you have a unique way of carrying yourself. There are two different types of grace; grace in poise and grace in posture. Having both of these characteristics will make all heads turn when you walk in the room and who doesn’t love when that happens!!
  2. What Real Friends Are- Through out my lifetime I have made tons of different friends, some I am still friends with to this very day and some have parted off on other journeys. It can be hard to find a true real friend now of days because people are so conflicted by drama and gossip. When I walked into the registration room on day one I was absolutely blown away with how kind all the girls were. They were all coming up and introducing themselves too me and right at that moment I knew I would become amazing friends with each and every single one of them. They have taught me what real friends are and should be like. My roommate is the biggest sweetheart, we get along crazy well wIMG_0715hich is funny because I have only known her for one day! I know by the end of the week she will be one of my closest pageant sisters.
  3. Confidence- Once again another key to success. Confidence is such an amazing characteristic too have with how society is now of days. Confidence will allow you to open doors which lead to a bright future for yourself. In interviews, internships  or meetings if you are the most confident one in the room people are drawn too you and you are the most outstanding in the room. Pageant has taught me confidence in all sorts of different ways. The MTC quote “Be your own kind beautiful” being one of the major reasons for my confidence build. This quote has taught me that I don’t need to be the prettiest face in the room to be the most confident. Confidence should come from your inner self, and how you portray yourself. BE-YOU-TIFUL! BE CONFIDENT!
  4. Communication Skills- Having proper communication now of days is such a key to success in many different eras. It showcases your personality and yourself in a much more professional/proper way. During pageant week you are constantly meeting new people and faces from all over the world and you are always holding conversations with them and learning new knowledge. All of this leads to amazing communication skills that you will use in everyday life as IMG_0665well in your hometown or wherever life takes you.
  5. Posture- Body language is huge because it is so easy to read a person on how they are standing or how they’re body posture is portraying them. I have been a dancer my whole life and taking all my ballet, ballet tech, and pointe classes has always taught me proper posture and I have always been able to hold myself very well. However, in provintials they taught me posture in a whole different level. Chest up, chin up, eyes straight, shoulders back, squeeze core, tight legs, big smile, relax your face….the list goes on and on!! Having this proper posture will make people look at you in a completely different way. If gives people a spectacular first impression of you and make them read you as a confident, proper and beautiful woman!

LThese five characteristics are just some of the many things I have learned being in the pageant industry and as I am sure you can tell, they all showcase prober poise and manners in day to day life. Pageant is more then just a week of photoshoots and glam, it is a week of improving yourself and teaching you skills for everyday life!!

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